Artfascination: Alexandrian Artist Yazaan El Zo’bi

La Zine Aquamarine, photos courtesy of

Watching an artist sketch or witnessing the process of his creativity is as fascinating as watching ballet dancers in rehearsals – you get to see the real people, the real bones without the makeup and forced costumes, you observe the work in process while it’s still rough, before it’s refined and perfected into a product.

Alexandria-based Jordanian artist Yazaan El Zo’bi’s blog has few but fascinating photos of his work in progress. The series of photographs showing the development of a shape from just an outline on a paper napkin to a layered painting is intriguing and inspiring. I’d like to get inside the artist’s mind; see how a thought becomes a scribble and ends in a painting. But his words on his blog are limited; it’s the images that take centre-stage.  Plus the fact that he’s  based in Alexandria gives him an extra cool edge, at least to me. I’m definitely going to keep tracking his blog in the future to see more of his work.

Rusalka. Photo courtesy of

The Rebirth of Venus. Photos courtesy of

More photos of Yazaan’s work on his blogspot.

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