January 25 – The Anniversary: Graffiti

Have You been Vindicated? added next to mural of Tarek Abdel Latif

Don’t Forget to Remember El Mosheer (Tantawi), a play on the saying Don’t Forget To Remember God

The revolution continues

Ha! The green graffiti reads ‘Ninja Uniform for Female Protesters’ a jab at the Kasr El Nil protest, where female protesters were beaten then criticised for not dressing modestly

Clean your own brain so that No One Brainwashes You

A new addition by Keizer, after his previous line of work got painted over, opposite Gezirah Club

If You Don’t Let Us Dream, We Won’t Let You Sleep by Keizer

More by Keizer ‘You Wont Like Me Angry’

Riot police by Keizer

Greetings to the Martyrs’, a caricature that I originally saw on Facebook now on the walls of 6October Bridge

Ismail Mahmoud Street

Mural by Hany Khaled

A collage of his different stencils, by Zeft. I personally prefer them individually.

By Hany Khaled and Hend Kheera. I think the words are lyrics by Cairokee

Eghdaby (Get Angry), a poster made in honour of the brave women of Tahrir, by 4SprayCans

This is genius: an election campaign poster was torn off except for the words ‘For You My Country’ and then Tantawi’s face was stencilled into the space

The V for Vendetta masks are back with a full vengeance in graffiti, thanks to the media’s obsession with them

Killing Can Cause Death

Tantawi the Vampire, note the bullets as fangs

Sad Panda got the last laugh after all. After his poster was torn down just hours after putting it up, he came back and painted a large panda over the remains, writing ‘You’ve Made Me Sadder’

Sad faces, probably painted by Sad Panda

Raise Thinkers not Fighters

The Mona Lisas by Anwar are a recurring theme, they reappear on the Tank graffiti

An eclectic collection of faces: Lenin, Mona Lisa, Tantawi and that actor who was always in Ismail Yaseen’s films. What’s his name?

‘Some Kids’ ‘So What, Nothing Wrong With That’ featuring Ismail Yaseen

El Gabaleya Street

Ganzeer’s tank graffiti has had some redecoration after pro-SCAF vandals wiped out all figures and left the scribbles ‘The Police, Army &People Are One Hand’

A big green policemonster was added by unknown artists after the Pro-SCAF whitewashed everything

The Mona Lisa Batalion is possibly the answer to the Badr Batalion that vandalised the tank graffiti

All of SCAF’s generals are thieves

Downtown Cairo: Mahmoud Bassiony Street

On Mahmoud Bassiony Street

Remembering Mina Daniel in graffiti

Baradei: The revolution will triumph in the end

Freedom for Michael Nabil above Where is the Bread, Freedom, Social Justice?

Workers of Egypt, Where Are You?

Kazeboon, Down with Military Junta, Jan 25

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4 Responses to January 25 – The Anniversary: Graffiti

  1. Basma says:

    Hey Suzee,

    The green monster is by Artist Mohammed Khaled and that green ninja suit is my measly attempt at graffiti :/


  2. Pingback: War on Graffiti – SCAF Vandalists Versus Graffiti Artists | suzeeinthecity

  3. lucy driver-williams says:

    Please can you tell me the meanings behind the collage of different stencils, by Zeft? (I can’t read the script) Also please could you explain the significance of the images. Thank you!

  4. Joëlle LUKAS says:

    i am Charlie… and also a french art’teacher. Can I use your pictures to say to my students that Revolution against obscurantism is international and not only in occidental countries? Thanks for your very interessant site and excuse my bad english!


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