Introducing Suzee Out of The City

The name started as a joke (as did Suzee in the City) but I figured that I should start a travel blog since I travel every time I make enough money to get me out of Cairo – which is necessary therapy, trust me.

I love traveling alone or with friends, and this blog will be my personal account of the most beautiful spots around Egypt, and some excellent adventures overseas. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll find someone I could persuade to pay for my trips around the world, and then I could die happy.

Check out Suzeeoutofthecity and let me know what you think!


About Suzee in The City

Eat.Play.Love This City. Follow me on
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4 Responses to Introducing Suzee Out of The City

  1. Masoud Kowsari says:

    Hi Suzee! it’s a very beautiful weblog. Thank you for your selections and your idea about the world.
    Massoud from Iran

  2. hi suzee ,can i use some of your pictures in my blog post?

  3. momadic says:

    War on Graffiti has begun. The Governor of Cairo criminalizes spray painting in tahrir!!!!!!!!!!

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