Street Art and Morsi – Cairo Artists Continue the Fight

Super Morsi, with the MB logo changed to ‘if it happens, he will deny it’

It feels like I keep writing the same post over and over again: images of sexual harassment, police violence, military violence, more martyrs, young martyrs, poems and tributes to martyrs, satire against Morsi, against religious and political hypocricy, against censorship and in support of freedom of speech.

Nothing has changed, except for some of the graffiti, including new satirical caricatures depicting religious extremists, the ruling Muslim Brotherhood and Super Morsi. New faces have been added to the martyrs’ walls, while the same familiar figures are repeated over and over again, and what makes icons out of some while others, hundreds of others, died unnoticed, their names never making it to the wall?

I don’t know the answer to that. But at least there are still some who remember the dead and continue to paint their faces and their last spoken words.



Religion is not just a beard. Stencil on Kasr El Dobara Church


Journalist El Husseiny Abo Deef was killed in Itihadeya clashes in December 2012. His last tweet reads ‘if i die tonight, I ask you only to continue the revolution’
Dr. Mohamed Yosry Salama, who died in March 2013. His quote reads ‘If my luck in life was little, then in my patience, Oh Lord, lies your solace’
A Tribute to Mohamed Cristy: They will say Cristy died/tell them no he lives/ There is no death in heaven/ and unearned entrance
Tribute to the child sweet potato seller Omar Salah, who was shot dead ‘accidentally’ in February 2012. Mural painted by the Revolution’s artists association.
TV presenters Reem Magued and Mahmoud Saad’s faces scratched out, graffiti reads ‘There is no free media’. Mural by M. Yaqout
The blue bra incident painted in full, only this time the girl is unveiled without the Niqabi clothing.


Graffiti artist Hosny and his depiction of Morsi and Mubarak: Before and After the revolution
Mural against Morsi as a liar that conned and deceived the Egyptian citizen
Freedom for Youssef, ‘Joe El Estoora’
Morsi the puppet on the Morshed’s hand
‘You Are Liars’ graffiti against religious extremists and the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempts to censor street art


Top banner reads ‘We will implement the Sharia law even if we break it!’


If we can’t live on this earth freely and with dignity, then we deserve its grave
Be with chaos
The Police are in the service of the Authorities



a woman swallowed up by a sea of men and their disgusting excuses for sexual assault. Mural by Mirah Shihadeh and Zeft
Mural of Palestinian activist Samer Essawi on hunger strike, by the Socialist Youth Union
More martyrs’ faces on the Armenian church in Downtown Cairo
Nation above Brotherhood
Mona Lisa Brigade’s mural in Karim El Dawla garage, as part of the Women On Walls project
The Ape, a stencil by Ahmed Naguib
Tribute to martyr Mariam Makram Nazeer, died in Friday of Anger 2011. Mural by Ammar Abo Bakr inside the Karim El Dawla garage.


The Mozza’s poster art of veiled women sitting and watching a football match on a widescreen.
Mona Lisa Brigade's mural of women, Estebl Antar. Photo courtesy of Karim El Hawayan
Mona Lisa Brigade’s mural of women, Estebl Antar. Photo courtesy of Karim El Hawayan

For photos of the Mona Lisa Brigade’s completed mural in Estebl Antar, click here.

8 thoughts on “Street Art and Morsi – Cairo Artists Continue the Fight”

  1. It’s like a photo essay initself, good job and thank you so much for sharing these the way you do – it is important. Your frustration is reflected on those walls.

  2. You are doing a mavellous job photographing and helping to publicize the brilliant work of the graffiti artists. However, I am not sure you should be claiming copyright for their creations.

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