My Articles

Some of the articles I’ve written about graffiti or interviews with me:

‘Mohamed Mahmoud: How Graffiti changed a street and inspired the world’. Bettery Magazine. January 2014.

‘The Mohamed Mahmoud Mural: Whitewashing Cairo’s Memory of the Past’. Atlantic Council Egypt Source Blog. 21 September 2012.

‘Street Art and The City’. Online. May 6, 2012.

‘Cairo’s walls of graffiti trace history of a colourful revolution.’ The National. 18 august 2012.

‘The Seven Wonders of the Revolution.’ Jadaliyya. 22nd March 2012.

‘Women in Graffiti: A Tribute to the women of Egypt’. Midan Masr. February 2013.

Nefertiti in a gas Mask: Street Art in Egypt: Radio Interview. The Story with Dick Gordon. July 9 2013.  21:41 minutes.

Mackey, R. ‘Street Art of the Arab World on YouTube’. NYT The Lede. April 5, 2013.

Huffington Post. ‘Global Street Art: MOCAtv Series Navigates Unseen Graffiti From the Corners of the Globe, Starting with Cairo’.  21 March 2013. Online.

Alimardani, M. ‘Egypt, Revolution, And Street Art: A Conversation with Soraya Morayef’. 20 August 2012.

Reade, O. Egyptian Graffiti and Gender Politics: An Interview with Soraya Morayef. March 28 2013.

Pabon, J. ‘Wipe it off and I wil paint again’.

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